Alicia Hanf | TEDxAlmansorPark: Last Known Point- Veterans’ Edge in Navigating the Business World

Alicia is a 6-year veteran in the US Army. Her perseverance through her military training, as well as overcoming a major loss in her life has helped her to be a successful business consultant today. Alicia also shares tips on how our communities should partner with veteran-led businesses, because veterans have such an important place in society, and are the superheroes the world needs. Alicia Hanf believes that it is possible to change the world a little, to a lot each day. Motivating leaders to champion growth, inspiring people to be their best, and generating extraordinary results are just a few ways that Alicia makes an impact on the world.

Alicia is most proud of her service in the US Army where she learned the value of teamwork, leadership, and communication. What has stuck with her throughout her career is that “when communication fails, the mission fails”. Being able to help people communicate their mission, and vision is a huge part of the value that she’s provided throughout the years, as well as her motivation for creating Saylo Classroom, a student engagement app that helps bridge the communication gap that exists in today’s classroom.

Alicia is fortunate enough to have worked with organizations such as Walt Disney, the Department of Defense, the NFL, and various startups and VC Firms. Alicia is currently on the Development Team for Bunker Labs; a national not-for-profit organization helping the military-connected community start and grow businesses. Alicia has over 10 years of combined experience in Startups, Sales (SAAS), Marketing, Business Development, and Relationship Building, but most importantly she has the gift of connection, and an insane drive for helping companies, and communities grow, and coaching business executives on how to be the leaders their organizations need to be successful.

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