Beth Fynbo, Ford Fund Competition Winner

Beth Fynbo – Busy Baby LLC

Busy Baby sells products to help keep infants and toddlers busy and free from germs when out at a restaurant. The Busy Baby Mat is the first-ever placemat to suction to a table and allows you to attach your baby’s toys.

After 10 years in the Army and 10 years in ‘Corporate America,’ founder, Beth Fynbo was finally blessed with a healthy baby boy at the age of 40. The day her maternity leave ended, and she had to drop him off at daycare, her heart sank. She realized at that moment that she wanted to be the parent that could witness his first steps, watch him try all of his first foods, and teach him how to be a great person.

A few days after her revelation, Beth met up with some girlfriends for lunch and they also brought along their one-year-old child. One-year-old’s, as you may know, are notorious for throwing toys on the ground. As she watched the babies play fetch with their moms, she thought to herself, “There has got to be something I can buy for my son so we can enjoy a peaceful lunch!” Unfortunately, her subsequent search online yielded no results that would adequately do the job.

So Beth decided to create a solution herself. Since then, she’s been hard at work making the Busy Baby Mat a reality to reduce mealtime stress when with eating out with infants and toddlers.

The Bunker Labs Connection

When did you find out about Bunker Labs?

“I found Bunker Labs [Launch Lab Cohort] about 6 months into my journey. I really had no idea what I was doing. I had made a mock up of my idea, set up an LLC to make it official, and started a website. I stalled out because I had no idea what to do next or how to turn my idea into a real business. Bunker Labs provided mentorship and a structured process that taught me how to start a business and gave me the confidence to move forward full speed. The support, feedback, mentorship, and connections provided by Bunker Labs has been key to my ability to turn my idea into a business and continues to be a key resource in my entrepreneurial journey!”

The Event

North Region Muster in Minneapolis, October 09, 2018

Bunker Labs partnered with the Ford Fund to host a series of pitch competitions for veterans and military spouse entrepreneurs throughout the 2018 Muster Across America Tour. In each of the seven tour locations, Ford granted award money to the winners with local community experts and subject matter experts as judges, providing much-needed capital to create growth and sustainability for the companies.

How do you intend to use the Ford Fund Competition Award Prize for your business? 

“The [prize money] is a huge help in turning my idea into a reality. I’ve bootstrapped my way through product development. Now I’m ready to manufacture my first real production run. This money will help in that effort and reduce the amount of debt I will incur as I look for a loan for the remaining balance! This grant money will help me realize a dream that has been over a year in the making and help me get my first product to a real, paying customer!”

“This funding will be used to cover the down payment for tooling. The first step of the manufacturing process is creating the molds. A 50% down payment is required before they can start that process. This money covers almost that entire bill!”

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