Bunker Labs DC Welcomes 15 Companies to the Spring ’16 Cohort!

We’re excited to announce Bunker Labs DC has accepted a diverse and exciting group of companies for the Spring ’16 Accelerator Cohort. These DMV startups came together February 3, 2016 and embark on what is sure to be one of their most challenging and rewarding experiences.

The diverse cohort represents emerging disrupters and thought leaders across a wide range of sectors including: wellness tech, medical wearables, cyber security, entertainment and social networking, human resource transformation, food tech, international services, and more.

The cohort will follow Bunker Labs DC framework and resources to include: entrepreneurial education, local industry-leading strategic branding and messaging, design thinking, lean startup-focused facilitators/advisors, the national network of more than 500 global leaders and industry partners, and access to partners. This program will drive acceleration through a series of “check-in’s” (i.e. gates) structured around accountability of individual company-dictated milestones in three categories:

  • Product and/or Service
  • Partnership and/or Industry Immersion
  • Raising and/or Spending Capital

Bunker Labs DC will build upon the lessons learned from accelerating companies that created over 136 jobs, raised more than $16M in capital, and generated more than $5.8M in revenue.

This is all possible through the Office of Economic Adjustment’s economic impact-focused grant and our dedicated national and local sponsors like JP Morgan.  Their unyielding support empowers Bunker Labs DC to create an authentic atmosphere for: 1) discovery, innovation, and growth; 2) research, analysis, iteration and execution of consistent successful accelerator programming and continuity of delivery; and 3) expansion of our critical mentor networks with a lean staff.

Get to know our companies!


career maven logo

CareerMaven is an HR Tech company looking to redefine professional development for mid-market companies by providing on-demand access to mentors, coaches, trainers, and assessments to help unlock talent and accelerate performance at every level of the organization.

Career Maven is led by Kelly Zafar

 Kelly Zafar

Dark Cubed Logo

Dark Cubed is a cyber security company changing the cyber security market by offering businesses a streamlined approach to near real time discovery and responding to cyber threat through a focus on anonymization and privacy.

Dark Cubed is led by Vince Crisler and Theresa Payton

Vince CrislerTheresa Payton


Delect is a technology company looking to disrupt the hospitality industry through an app that allows people to make automatic payment at restaurants, and a mobile point-of-sale system that enables restaurants to improve operations, engage customers in real-time, and increase revenue 20-25%.

Delect is led by Serge Amouzou

Serge Amouzou

Gray Tier Technologies

Gray Tier Technologies is a Cyber Security company looking to enhance the Cyber Security Talent acquisitions industries by offering the Power to quickly verify specific security skills on demand.

Gray Tier Technologies is led by James Icenogle and Rich Kelley

James Icenogle rich kelley

Hethrone Logo

Hethrone is a consulting firm looking to create a niche in the consulting industry by offering strategic solutions to Sub Saharan African clients.

Hethrone is led by Donnubari Gbaanador and Lanre Olatunji

Donnubari Gbaanador lanre olatunji 

coming soon

GC Finance seeks to provide cash flow financing support to government contracting firms through an easy to use online platform so that business owners can focus on their most important mission – superior contract performance.

GC Finance is led by Lauren Stack.


Socioll is a solution based company looking to make a contribution to the small business industry by offering a new method of reaching and interacting with their target market.

Socioll is led by Devin Steward, Jibri Houston, and James Mensah

devin steward jibri james mensah

vumble logo

Vumble is a place to explore awesome videos without interruptions. Every day, viewers discover, discuss, and vote on clips to collectively determine what’s worth watching.

Vumble is led by Ryan Luu and Diego Quispe

Ryan Diego

coming soon

Purple Squirrel is tackling the challenge of transitioning veterans into the workforce through a patent-pending software application which validates and confirms personal information, and transfers this secure, compliant digital data and information to prospected employers.

Purple Squirrel is led by Clay Thomas



Medical Zoom plans to be the premier medical market application in the mobile space that consolidates catalogs from different medical companies to be the one stop shop.

Medical Zoom is led by Donald Mears

donald mears

Nautilus Logo

Nautilus Lightweight Aggregate will create an improved process to manufacture lightweight aggregate for concrete by leveraging existing technologies from different industries.

Nautilus Lightweight Aggregate is led by Andrew Castrodale

Andrew Castrodale

coming soon

Designer Tributes produces one of a kind family heirlooms bestowing honor while completing the past and preparing for the future.

Designer Tributes is led by Denise McCann

denise mccann

coming soon

TABB will bring medical wearable technology and expeditionary medicine to the ground combat forces in order to save lives in mass casualty events.

TABB is led by Chris Komyanik



National Military Spouse Network is the pre-eminent networking, mentoring and professional development organization committed to the education, empowerment and advancement of military spouses.

National Military Spouse Network is led by Sue Hoppin

Sue Hoppin

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