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Bunker Labs has partnered with Intuit to launch Design for Delight, an activity-based course in Bunker Online that introduces entrepreneurs to principles of design thinking through a dynamic mix of video lessons, case studies, and exercises. 

What Is Design Thinking? 

Design thinking is a human-centered approach to problem solving that enables everyone from entrepreneurs and business owners to creatives and technicians to create solutions that meet customer needs. 

As an example taken from one of the Design for Delight course videos, when a group of students in a design thinking program at Project Invent decided to build a solution for blind people, they first visited a center for the blind to understand blindness and the challenges blind people face. After generating a list of needs, they chose one specific need to address—veering while walking—and began designing, testing, and iterating on a prototype.  

Design thinking emphasizes spending time with customers to observe their behavior and understand the problems they face, with an attitude of curiosity and openness. 

Is Design Thinking Only For Designers?  

No! Anyone who solves problems or makes decisions can use design thinking. That’s most people.  

Why Should I Choose Design Thinking?  

Design thinking focuses on creative solutions centered on the customer and their observed needs and behaviors. When the customer is at the core of every decision, it’s more likely that the solution generated will meet the needs of the target market—which is an essential element in launching and growing a successful business.  

Creating a solution for customers often involves significant uncertainty, especially at the start. Design thinking provides a mindset for moving through that uncertainty toward greater clarity around a viable solution. 

A 2018 Harvard Business Review article presents a compelling case for the value of design thinking. The author, a professor at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, writes:  “The structure of design thinking creates a natural flow from research to rollout. Immersion in the customer experience produces data, which is transformed into insights, which help teams agree on design criteria they use to brainstorm solutions.” 

How Do I Get Started?  

Design for Delight is free and can be taken any time at any pace. In total, the course takes about three to four hours, and is broken down into shorter modules and units to fit into an entrepreneur’s busy schedule. Begin the first module in Bunker Online.  

If you haven’t registered for Bunker Online, go to and create a profile to get started.  

Design for Delight is produced in collaboration with Intuit, a global technology platform that helps the customers and communities they serve overcome their most important financial challenges. Intuit uses design thinking to build better products and services for their customers—they call it Design for Delight.  

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