Meet the Bunker Labs Rapid City, South Dakota City Leader: Mitch Nachtigall

In 2006, Ascent Innovation was launched with the goal of helping small businesses access the materials and connections necessary to successfully establish themselves in the Rapid City area. The center was tucked away in a small building on the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology campus. Headed up by executive Director Terri Haverly, the business development center has since transformed into an integral part of the Rapid City entrepreneurial landscape. The company is currently in the midst of a $12 million construction endeavor that will soon become the brand new business development incubator campus — and the new home of Bunker Labs Rapid City.

Ascent’s new campus will provide more than just a coworking space, it will also provide all of the services that business owners have come to depend on over the past 14 years. These services include mentoring, business consulting, access to investmentment funds like the Black Hills Angel Fund, day-to-day support systems and perhaps the most important service of all, a built in professional entrepreneurial network. Running into one another and collaborating.

Rapid City is home to a burgeoning entrepreneurship scene and has seen a lot of growth and initiative from local organizations in supporting the growing community. Ascent has been at the forefront of this effort and defines their mission as, “contribute to the general economic health of the region, provide new and increased job opportunities and add to the variety of products and services available to the area.”

Bunker Labs will be launching the Rapid City chapter on February 18th of this year and is proud to have 20-year veteran, active member of the SD national guard and Client Manager at Ascent, Mitch Nachtigall as the Rapid City City Leader. The chapter will be located within the new Ascent Innovation Business Incubator Center at 525 University Loop, Rapid City, SD. Click the button below to RSVP to the event.

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