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What is it like to touch base with your senses in a pandemic?

“Well,” says Aaron Wolf, Founder & CEO of Adventures Accessed, “You feel more refreshed, more relaxed, and you generally feel more in tune with the world around you.”

On its website, Adventures Accessed defines itself as an all-inclusive backcountry outfitter and guide service company. 

“All gear, grub, rides, and guides are included so our groups can reestablish roots in the nourishing arena of the wilderness… Just show up with a change of clothes and a toothbrush, and youʼre ready to rock.”

In pre-COVID times, the Chicago- and Asheville-based outfitter led city dwellers and suburbanites to experience the outdoors that lie outside the residential limits of their societies. The organization also works with many youth organizations, public schools, and large businesses to provide team-building experiences that help attendees foster a sense of accomplishment and confidence. Through the direct experience with the backcountry, people often reconnect with their origins and return to their former lives anew. But for now, just like the economy, the business has been placed on ice.
I am trying to find a way to continue delivering that passion for nature to a world in crisis. 

While the majority of the world is in lockdown, Aaron has pivoted his time into leading one-hour nature meditations over Zoom. In those meditations, he encourages attendees to sit in their backyards, a nearby park, or even within the confines of their opened apartment and to give their attention to the natural world outside their windows. They then focus their attention on each of their senses to better appreciate the sound of birds calling, the textures of the bark on a tree, the woodgrain on their apartment floorboards, the smell of the fresh spring air. 

Aaron is using the popular event management service, Eventbrite to drive awareness and traffic to these meditations. On that platform, people are encouraged to sign up and attend for free with the option to provide a donation if they found value in the service.

“Itʼs not something Iʼm going to make money on, but itʼs still a way to continue to put stuff out into the world and share my passion. In the small business world, itʼs why we do this—to share our love for something.”

“Spending time in nature was that piece that made me feel like myself.”

When the economy opens back up, and people can once again gather in groups, Adventures Accessed will be pulling out the hiking packs and returning to teaching others how to warm their bodies by fire, navigate by map, and appreciate the natural environment around them. 

“People have lost their connection to the planet. What Iʼm doing is helping people break down those walls and experience the world that we evolved in. And in doing so, I see people create these beautiful relationships with each other, with themselves, and with the planet,” Aaron said. 

Aaron is also a former Marine, Bunker Labs City Leader and Veteran in Residence Cohort Member.

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Written by Rachel Keranen
Produced by Bunker Labs Marketing Team

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